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Put Your Customers in the MOOD to Stay

August 31st, 2017

Nobody likes to wait. But in the service industry, lagging schedules are inevitable and can impact client perceptions about your business. What if there was a way to take the angst out of the wait? To deliver positive messages about your business even though you’re running behind?


With MOOD: Digital Signage, it’s not only possible—it’s EASY.

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Instead of watching yet another episode of over-dramatized daytime TV, your visitors can enjoy a unique and engaging digital experience with MOOD: Digital Signage. Wait times will fly by as they view business promotions, industry updates, weather forecasts, and even snippets of their favorite TV shows.


With MOOD: Digital Signage, you can:


  • Easily manage and schedule pre-made digital content
  • Trash your cable bill—you won’t need it anymore!
  • Depend on local IT experts for install and maintenance


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Add our music streaming service, MOOD: Mix Pro to give your customers the best music that never quits. Choose from hundreds of genres and playlists that are continually screened for lyrics and content, and are always 100% interruption free. Richer sound, better quality, AND local support.


What are you waiting for?



FOR A LIMITED TIME: buy MOOD: Digital Signage and get MOOD: Mix Pro at half price plus a FREE receiver!


Put your clients in the MOOD to wait. Get MOOD Today!